My research focusses on trees, forests, and people; exploring the ways in which they interact and influence one another.  I walk, talk, write, think, talk, think again, write some more; and then lay my brain babies bare to the onslaught of scrutiny and scepticism.  Essentially, I aim to learn as much as I can about our wonderful arboreal friends and communicate these findings – musings in a compelling manner, which incidentally is scientifically robust. Maybe.

This has taken me from interpretations of modern woodland spirituality, legal personalities of trees, the socio-economic legacy of urban forestry in the marginalised areas, community forestry in Central America, cultural drivers of estate management and woodland expansion in the Scottish Highlands, ecosystem approaches… As well as brief forays into woodfuel capacity, status of elm species and responses to DED, and integrated catchment management.

Publications and written resources

Video resources

  • COST Greening Engineering ICT camp VIDEO – Prize winner for seedling to shelf tracking innovation (2012)
  • Map of case study areas in the Highlands VIDEO (PhD – song: The Drover by Bill Callahan) (2015)
  • Integrated Land Use Conference UHI VIDEO – Lead coordinator (2018)
  • Forest Business Advancement and Innovation (FOBIA) NPA project VIDEO (2018)